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Michel Sajonas Berton-Proix

The work of Michel Sajonas Berton-Proix is surprising, inspired, spontaneous and free. 

This 25 year old artist blends remarkable artistic maturity with all the energy of his youth.


“Crabe,” one of his first works, done at the age of 17, defines his style, and set him on his artistic path.

At the heart of this work is a crab and around it an explosion, a dimension of perspectives created by the shape and multidimensional symphony of his colors.


Michel Sajonas’s artistic path transforms and rebounds. From his earliest days he has composed lush and brightly colored symphonies, archetypal forms surfacing at times, monolithic-seeming, earth colored and African-inspired, with an incursion into the fantasy world of comic books and of prehistory.

Michel states his stories without artifice. He addresses all forms of life with a graphic richness that lets us come close to that which at first sight seems strange to us, monsters, dragons...


Michel is utterly invested in what he is creating at the moment. 

He unfailingly draws our attention, surprises us with his constantly renewed inspiration and the audacity of his gesture.


He finds constant inspiration in his travels, his passion for Africa and India, for reggae and sacred Indian music

Today Michel’s work has passed a new threshold.

He seems able to combine in dense and complex forms, the raw power, the mysterious messenger of the invisible sensed in aboriginal painting, and the fire and extravagant humor that characterize his life as a young man and artist. 


Personal journey


  • Montessori School (1999-2003)

  • Steiner School (2003-2009): art is highlighted in its learning

  • ICELP School of Dr Feuerstein, Jerusalem, Israel (2009-2010) Apprenticeship in carpentry, wood sculpture

  • Pottery learning

  • 2012: Realizes his first large canvases "CRABE", "TOUCAN"

  • 2015 Registration at the artists' house.



He combines a set of tools, searches for material, goes beyond the science of the ordinary.

He heckles academic laws by traveling between painting, objects, paper, cardboard, pencils, (…) he chooses to exhibit for the moment this particular technique which is manual drawing combined with digital.


Prints produced with care by a professional artisan printer.

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